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Bound, Erect, and on Display...
>Just before a break during a bondage shoot, other artists, and anyone in the studio was invited to come and watch the final product. I was hard, bound, and on display, in heaven!

A Standing Ovation 1
>Use me, bind me, clamp me, abuse me, then display and exhibit me.
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>As I expand my portfolio as an erotic model and performer, I am exploring and discovering the sensation and dicotomy of my pain and my pleasure. As I journey from my agony to ecstacy and back again, I revel in the pendulum of sensation, emotion, and eroticism. >My greatest fantasy, that I hope to bring to reality soon is to completely surrender my body to your creative endeavours as you create a living sculpture "masterpiece" by using any props to bind, suspend, pinch, pierce, prod, poke, flog, and decorate me for the interactive audience...in the most public venue and event we can create. >As we "perform" our work together, make my nipples-your nipples, my anus-your anus, my genitals-your genitals, to use, abuse, stimulate, and humiliate...

  • Kent Ken
    Kent Ken: Interested to act as a somnambulistic male bondage model
    3/23/2014 9:43 AM

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